The Importance of Developing a Solid Timeline

One of the first steps to begin any wedding planning process is creating a schedule of events. The event outline helps generate organization for all parties involved (family, vendors, the venue, etc.). We recommend any couple starting their planning process outline their entire wedding weekend on paper (including pre-events, pre-wedding pujas, H&M rooms, inventory rooms, etc.). Preparing a list with your expectations to the vendors builds successful contracts by capturing all wanted details, since smaller events are just as important to the overall success of the weekend as the larger ones. Preparing an outline is advantageous to truly maximize your vendor and venue contracts from the start!

As a couple approaches the final months leading to their wedding date, we highly recommend (if not already hired) considering a partial planner to manage the final logistics of your wedding planning details. There are many decisions in the final months, paired with the fact this is more than likely your first experience planning a multi-day wedding celebration! Calling in an expert for their insight and experience will ensure you, your family, and friends have the one of a kind experience you’ve dreamed of!